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about THE CAMP

Six bungalows. Two companies. And an old Coleman packed with Prickly Pear Shiners. Camp Lucky was inspired by the original 1930’s residences flanking the now iconic South Congress neighborhood of Austin. Originally created to foster a thriving work environment and strong community, this spirit is re-ignited in Camp Lucky -- new home to Lucky 21 & Lucky Post Austin and a creative community of storytellers, artists, filmmakers and friends.




We Work. We Play. We do both. Which is why Lucky 21 Austin makes sense. From the directors to the production team, we at Lucky 21 pursue creativity with a great voracity. No two ways about it. Bringing a contagious energy and tireless drive to the job, we’ll even go so far as to admit that we’re psychotically obsessed with what we do. Giving everything we’ve got then slamming a Topo Chico just comes with the territory. Visit


Lucky Post was designed for the people who inhabit it every day, and our clients who make it their temporary home. Camp Lucky embodies the same ideal, Austin-style. Harmonizing business, editing creativity and originality, Lucky Post takes a holistic approach to work-life in a setting like no other at Camp Lucky. Love what you do, love where you do it. Visit



South Congress

Camp Lucky is a four minute walk (we didn't time it) to iconic South Congress Avenue. Known for all the times you hazily remember, the neighborhood is home to artists, musicians, foodies, and wonderers.  



Galleries like Yard Dog, Art For The People, Tesoros Trading Company, Gallery SoCo and others showcase the work of artists far and wide. A sense of discovery in intimate settings are what the area art scene is all about. 

FOOD & Drink

The BBQ and tacos are the stuff of legend, but Austin is a place where you can travel the globe on a plate. And find something thirst quenching for any taste, boozy or otherwise. 



Home to SXSW, ACL, FormulaOne Racing, in Austin, there’s never enough time to take in all of the events. Whether internationally renown or a hidden gem, there’s always an event happening here.   



Austin is famously synonymous with music - and with world-famous venues like The Continental Club practically in our backyard we find sound inspiration from bands and artists who visit this Lucky part of the country. 


Lady Bird Lake

Named in honor of the former first lady’s (or Lady) interest in promoting the area’s natural resources, Lady Bird Lake is home to those famous bats, kayaking, and other recreational pursuits. The bridge that takes you from South Congress to downtown Austin was named for another legendary woman: former Gov. Ann Richards.

There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.
— Willie Nelson

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